Mark Walczak

Mark Walczak

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First Name * Mark
Last Name * Walczak
Username * TheApostle
Country * USA
City Chicago
Languages English





What’s in a Name?

You may be wondering how I came up with the name “ExplosiveGraffix.” This was the result of two prerequisites; one: define a mission for the site; and two: finding a domain name that was available.

I have recently been fascinated with the story of 1 Kings 18, in which Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to a contest to see which god is genuine and true. As you may have read, the two sides each build an altar and place a sacrifice to their respective god on it. The prophets of Baal pray, shout and mutilate themselves for more than half a day before Elijah starts to call on the LORD – and when he does, he makes sure that his bull sacrifice is saturated with water. At just the right time God incinerates Elijah’s bull even though it is wet, and, at that moment, incites immediate praise from all onlookers. Another example of God showing satisfaction through fire can be found in 2 Chronicles 7:1, when Solomon is dedicating the temple. I have always been fascinated with the whole sacrificial system, and how God finds it pleasing. I am a firm believer that we as people no longer need to prove ourselves to God by sacrificing things to him in order to win his favor – I believe that Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. Nonetheless, I believe that it is the job of every Christian to dedicate their gifts to God, and this site is my method of doing just that. Don’t expect your monitor to spontaneously explode while viewing my work, but, please know that each design was made with the hope of pleasing and honoring God.


The Bible is a giant well of inspiration for me. The stories, the people, the themes – they are all so fascinating and awe-inspiring that I cannot help but get images in my mind that are inspired by the text. These are the images that eventually become my work.

The Craft

In total, I have only had a few hours of training in Photoshop – the rest of my knowledge was self-taught through online tutorials, and mostly through me simply opening up a program and clicking through different menus to see how certain effects and options affect my project. I am constantly trying to take things to the next level and push myself to grow.

Freelance Work

I am always interested in doing paid freelance graphic or animation work.